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Outcall Massages in Madrid.

Mobile Erotic Services.

We offer a wide selection of Erotic Massages in your hotel room.

Bringing the Magic to You.

Adapted to all tastes, Male Erotic Massages, Massages for Couples with 1 or 2 masseuses, Erotic Massages for Women

365 days of Erotic Adventure
at your hotel room in Madrid

Massages with Happy Ending

All Erotic Services Available


We are professionals of Tantra and Eroticism that we carry out through Erotic Massage.

We offer you all the exclusive services in your Hotel.

They are High Quality Massages and we do not spare you everything you would like to receive in one of our Sessions.

Erotic Masseuses Women and Men know how to use a wide variety of tantric and relaxing techniques.

And we are happy to bring all our experience to you.

We serve men, women and couples without distinction of sex.

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12 hrs Service

Deluxe Masseuses

Taxi free*

Appointment 1 hour in advance

We carry our Hotel Kit

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The best way to experience our collection of massages is to try them all. Follow your instincts and choose the most tempting massage to satisfy your deepest fantasies.

Enjoy the Greatest and most Beautiful Company.


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MASSAGES Collection

Have you already chosen your Muse?

Then look at our Erotic Massage Collection designed at the request of our most exclusive clients, and adding all the Professionalism, Quality and Eroticism that attracted you to us.

Erotic Massages with Happy Ending in your Hotel.


Regular: 60 MIN 150 €

Medium Erotic Load

  • Erotic body-to-body massage.
  • Erotic relaxing massage from head to feet.
  • Use of oriental techniques.
  • Guided Massage. ←
  • Masseuse on Topless
  • Prostatic Massage ←
  • Lingam / Yoni (during the session) ←
  • 1 Final Relaxation.


Regular: 60 MIN 190 €

High Erotic Load

  • Erotic body-to-body massage
  • Combination of oriental techniques
  • The masseuse work with hands, forearms, arms, knees and feet on your body
  • Interactive Massage. ←
  • Topless masseuse
  • Prostatic massage ←
  • Foot Job.
  • Intensive Lingam /Yoni  (during the session) ←
  • Double relaxation (at the begining and at the end)
  • 1 interactive Tantric Posture (Kama-Sutra) ←

SOAPY (espumoso)

Regular: 45 MIN 150 €

High Erotic Load+

  • Erotic massage super slippery Body to Body.
  • Erotic shower with your Masseuse
  • Use of special soaps ← Soapy Massage.
  • The masseuse uses her whole body (hands, arms, legs, chest and buttocks).
  • Interactive Massage
  • Naked Masseuse
  • Prostate Massage
  • 2 Relaxations (an Initial – an Final)
  • Foot Job
  • Intensive Lingam / Yoni←(during the session)


Regular: 60 MIN 250 €

Medium Erotic Load++

  • Slippery Erotic Full body-to-body massage
  • We use a special NURU seaweed gel for erotic massage ←
  • The masseuse uses all her body (hands, arms, legs, chest and bottom)
  • Interactive Massage. ←
  • Naked masseuse.
  • Prostatic massage ←
  • Foot Job
  • Double relaxation (at the beginning-at the end)
  • Intensive Lingam / Yoni (during the session) ←
  • interactive Tantric Postures (Kama-Sutra) ←


Regular: 60 MIN 200 €

High Erotic Load

  • Erotic body-to-body massage for each one
  • 1 Masseuse for all the session
  • Interactive massage between couple and masseuse ←
  • Lingam/ Yoni Massage ←
  • Topless masseuse
  • Complimentary sparkling Champagne and Chocolates
  • Intimacy and privacy time before and after the massage.
  • Check prices and variations for more than 1 (one) masseuse.


Regular: 60 MIN 150 €

Medium Erotic Load

  • Erotic body-to-body massage.
  • Erotic relaxing massage from head to feet.
  • Use of oriental techniques.
  • Guided Massage. ←
  • Masseuse on Topless
  • Prostatic Massage ←
  • Lingam / Yoni (during the session) ←
  • 1 Final Relaxation.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers for you to consult. You can also write or call us if you have any further questions:


  • How far in advance can I make an appointment at my hotel?

Preferably, we ask you to make an appointment with 1 (one) hour in advance and check the availability of the chosen Masseuse. You can do this through our website, via text message through WhatsApp and even by email.


  • Can I choose the masseuse to live a unique experience in my hotel?

Yes, you can choose as long as they are available at the time of your appointment, and make sure that the service you are looking for is provided by the chosen Masseuse (always check)


  • Are the photos I see on the Web real?

Yes, all the pictures we show in our photo gallery are from our Center, as well as the actual masseuses, and they are real.


  • Do you charge extra for TAXI to come to my hotel?


We do NOT charge extra for transportation as long as the destination is located within the Central Almond of Madrid.

In the case of the use of a cab by our Professional Masseuse, you must agree to pay for the transport used to reach the destination for the value indicated on the ticket provided by the masseuse upon arrival.

(Price for one way plus price for return to the Dharma Massages Center).



  • Can I ask for more than a massage session?

Dharma Massages Madrid is made up of a team of committed and experienced Professional Masseuses. You should always check that the service requested is provided by the chosen Masseuse


  • Can I pay by Credit/Debit Card?

We have several payment systems for your convenience: TPV (dataphone) to make it easier and more convenient for you to pay if you wish, or in cash. WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS, Verse Payment Gateway, Paypal or cash.


  • Can I extend a massage session?

You can always consult the masseuse with at least 20 minutes before the end of the massage requested in the first option, and the difference will be paid. If it is the same type of massage selected, it will be extended until the next one of greater duration. *Consult in the Administration of the Center in case of doubt. It will be subject to the availability and demand of appointments.


  • Are the massages only for men?

No. It is a tribute to the body, so we do not make any gender distinction. It can benefit both men and women. You can check out our Massage and Erotic Massage Services, the variety.


  • Can the masseurs be touched and caressed?

As long as the limits established by the masseurs are not exceeded, in our SERVICES menu you can consult our interactive massages. The genital area of the masseur(s) is not touched under any circumstances (CONSULT OUR CODE OF CONDUCT)


  • Are there male masseurs?

Yes, there are. You can consult our section of MASSEUSES.


  • About my personal data, how are they treated?

At Dharma Massages Madrid we do not store any data under any circumstances other than the waiting period between the request for an appointment and your arrival at the center. We know how important it is to maintain privacy, and we practice our ethics and discretion at all times.


  • What kind of products/equipment are used during the massage sessions?

We have a Hotel Massage Kit with everything you and the Masseuse might need to receive an authentic Erotic Massage, don’t worry about it.

 We use disposable materials to ensure everything is regulated by law (sheets, sponges, oils..)

In addition, we use Professional Use products that are odorless and pH neutral to avoid possible allergies when performing the massages.


  • Can you come to my hotel to receive the massage?

We only move to hotels, so home services are excluded. For more information, see the SERVICES section, or contact us.

For Dharma Massages Madrid and its team it is very important that the following considerations are taken into account by both parties (Customer-Masseur) in order to enjoy this unique experience to the fullest:


  • Enjoy being guided by our (or) masseuse during the entire session. Expert hands will accompany you and make you vibrate during the whole session.
  • Taking into account the theme of hygiene, and all that the sensual experience entails, we ask you to take into account personal and intimate hygiene; this way the experience will be pleasant at its maximum expression.
  • Our masseurs are committed and experienced professionals, who also have a private training given in our center, **NOT ALL MASSEUSES IN THE GALLERY ARE SCORTS**, so we ask you to treat the professional with education and respect that he deserves at all times and refrain from requesting or insisting on the practice of these. Enjoy this unique experience.
  • Consider the masseuse at all times, as well as the facilities of the Center.
  • Dharma Massages Madrid has a strict internal policy and acceptance of Codes of Conduct necessary for the proper functioning and prestige that supports us.

In the event that the above or any other word said by the masseuse is not complied with, we will be forced to stop the agreed service immediately. No money will be refunded, and the service will be considered completed.